Activate Samsung Recycle Bin for contacts - Tip

No more accidentally deleted contacts will be lost with the new recycle bin function within the Samsung Contacts app. The recycle bin function has been implemented in many areas


. In addition to the gallery and the file manager "My Documents", the function is now also available for the Contacts app.

If you have not yet activated this security feature for accidentally deleting contacts, we would like to show you in this guide how to proceed:

Activate recycle bin function for contacts - Samsung Smartphones

Open the Contacts app on your device.

2. navigate to the three-bar symbol in the upper left corner and further to the gear symbol.

3. in the contact settings, please activate the "Recycle Bin".

If you now delete a contact, it will first be moved to the Trash. There it remains for 15 days until it is finally removed from the smartphone.

Until then you can restore it at any time.

You are now familiar with the recycle bin function for contacts on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. We hope that this feature will help you to avoid accidentally deleting contacts permanently.


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