Activate Samsung screen by double-tapping - For professionals

If you own a Samsung smartphone, you can enjoy many different software features, including gestures. Gestures can be used to perform various actions, such as activating the display.


Therefore, you only need to tap the display twice to turn it on. The power button is no longer needed. However, this function must first be activated in the settings.

In our following instructions we would like to explain how to do this:

Switch on Samsung screen by double-tapping - Here's how

  • Open the settings of Android.
  • Then navigate further to "Advanced Functions".
  • Here you will now find "Movements and Gestures".
  • Activate the check box at "Tap twice to activate".

From now on, you can turn on your Samsung smartphone simply by double tapping and then use it. Especially when the device is lying on the table, you can quickly turn on the screen and use your Samsung Smartphone.

You are thus familiar with the procedure for activating the Double-Tap-To-Wake function on a Samsung smartphone.


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