Activate the Samsung Galaxy S20 as a flashlight - Adjust the light intensity

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is equipped with a camera LED flash on the back of the case, which can be activated for photos in dark environments.

The LED flash can also be used for another practical function, namely for use as a flashlight.


In this case the LED light is permanently activated and thus illuminates the surroundings. In this article, we would like to explain to you how to use the Samsung Galaxy S20 as a flashlight and how to regulate its brightness:

Using the flashlight function on the Samsung Galaxy S20

Use two fingers to drag the Samsung Galaxy S20's status bar into the display from above. Look for the following button (Toggle):

  • Flashlight

Select the toggle, the flashlight is activated. Select the toggle again to turn the flashlight off.

Adjusting the light intensity of the flashlight

The luminosity is adjusted as follows:

Using two fingers, drag the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S20 into the display again from above. Now select the "Flashlight" font (not the icon).

You will now see a brightness control with 5 levels, with level 1 being the least luminous and level 5 the most luminous.

Now you know the necessary steps to use the Samsung Galaxy S20 as a flashlight.

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