Activate Windows 10 Dark Mode - Manual

Quick solution:

To activate Dark Mode under Windows 10, right-click on the desktop and select Customizations. There, navigate to "Colours" and then activate the "Dark" menu item for "Standard app mode".


Dark mode has just become known through smartphones, so it makes sense to ask yourself how to activate dark mode under Windows 10.

Fortunately, Microsoft Windows offers such a setting, but it is not as easy to activate as it is under Android or iOS. This is because Dark Mode is usually only applied to applications from the Windows Store.

That's why we have written a guide for you here, which helps you in several steps to use a dark mode under Windows 10.

Activate Dark Mode for Windows 10 settings and applications

1. Open the settings.

2. Select Personalization, then select Colors.

3. For Standard app mode, select Dark.

You will immediately see that the app settings appear in dark colors, as do many other Windows 10 features. Also the Google Chrome browser will now be shown in dark colors.

Desktop applications, however, are usually not affected by the above setting, so we would like to explain the dark mode setting for important programs here.

Activate Dark Mode in Microsoft Edge

The web browser Microsoft Edge installed in Windows 10 unfortunately does not take over the dark theme. To activate the dark mode here, click on the menu button in the toolbar (the icon with the three dots on the right) and select the option "Dark" under "Select theme".

Activate Dark Mode in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office also contains a dark theme that is not activated by default using the Windows 10 Dark Mode feature and therefore also needs to be activated manually.

To activate the dark theme, open an MS Office application such as Word or Excel and navigate to File in the upper left corner and then to Options.

On the "General" tab, locate the "Personalize Microsoft Office copy" section and set the "Office theme" drop-down menu to the "Dark gray" or "Black" option.

Your design selection is automatically applied to all Office applications. So if you set this option in Word and later open Excel, Excel should also use a dark theme.

There are many other applications for your Windows where you can set a dark mode individually. But with the settings mentioned above you have made a basic setting where you can definitely benefit from a dark mode.

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