Activating Samsung Galaxy S20 Safe Mode

The Samsung Galaxy S20 has a hidden feature built in that you may never have to use it, but if you do, it can be very useful. The language is of a so-called "safe mode".

What is this mode important for, you will ask yourself now?


The Safe Mode is activated during the boot process. Only apps that are included in the firmware are loaded. This ensures that additionally installed apps do not cause any problems for the operation of the Android system.

This is also the reason for implementing Safe Mode. If you have installed an app that constantly causes the system to crash, you cannot easily uninstall it.

But with Safe Mode this is possible.

How to activate Safe Mode

  1. Switch off the Samsung Galaxy S20 completely
  2. Start the smartphone with the power button.
  3. Press and hold the Volume Button during the startup process.
  4. Keep the button pressed until the pin input is displayed.

You should now see the entry "Safe Mode" in the lower left corner. You have now successfully activated this useful Android function.

You will now notice that no third-party apps that you downloaded from the Google Play Store are available, only the system apps.

You can now easily uninstall the app that is causing you problems via the settings.

Now you know how to use Safe Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S20.

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