Add Medion P10710 and E10430 widget on homescreen

 The Medion P10710 and E10430 tablet runs with the Android operating system and can therefore make use of the useful function of placing widgets on the start screen.

A widget contains partial information or partial functions of an app, which can be called and used directly.


If you don't know how to add a widget to the start screen on the Medion P10710 and E10430 tablet, the following article will explain it to you:

Add a widget to the Medion P10710 and E10430 Homescreen - Instructions

1. when you are on the tablet's Home screen, press and hold with your finger on an empty space.

2. a small menu appears where the user can select "Widgets".

3. After selecting "Widgets" you will see a list of all available widgets.

4. then search for a widget that you would like to place on the start screen of your tablet.

5. to place it now, press and hold the widget until it lifts off and can be placed on the home screen.

6. release the widget when it is in the right place

Do the same for any widgets you would like to add to the Medion P10710 and E10430 home screen.

You have now learned the procedure to add a widget to the home screen under Android on the Medion P10710 and E10430.


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