Adjust image size with Paint 3D under Windows 10 - Tip

Again and again you have to resize photos, be it for your vacation album or for work. There are many tools for this. Fortunately, Windows offers a number of integrated tools for easy resizing of pictures.


This also includes Paint 3D. This tool offers an easy and almost lossless resizing. Below we will describe how to resize images in Paint 3D.

How to resize images with Paint 3D in Windows 10 - Instructions

1. right-click in the Windows file explorer on the image you want to customize.

2. select "Edit with Paint 3D" from the context menu

3. navigate to the "Drawing Area" option at the top of the tool dashboard

4. on the right side, the editing options for the image are now displayed.

5. check "Lock aspect ratio" and "Adjust image size with drawing area".

6. you can then enter a new pixel width or height. Alternatively, you can also drag the image with the mouse/trackpad to adjust the size. The image will then be reduced in size and the aspect ratio automatically adjusted.

You can now save the image and give it a new file name.

Now you know how to resize images with Paint 3D.


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