Always start Microsoft Edge Browser in InPrivate Browsing mode

 The Microsoft Edge Browser can be set to always start automatically in the so-called InPrivate Browsing Mode, i.e. the Incognito Mode. This is advantageous if a computer is used by several people at the same time.


What is the InPrivate mode?

InPrivate stands for the incognito mode in the Microsoft Edge Browser, which deletes your local browser history and the cookies when you close all browser windows. However, InPrivate does not prevent your activities from being tracked over the Internet.

Always start Microsoft Edge in InPrivate mode on Windows 10

First find the shortcut that starts Edge from the desktop.

2. right click on it and select "Properties".

3. on the Shortcut tab, locate the text box next to the word "Target It contains the path to the Edge application that you run each time you click the shortcut.

4. select the field and add the following entry separated by a space at the end:

  • -in private

The field should now contain the path to the Edge application, then a space, then a hyphen and at the end the word "-inprivate".

5. go to "Ok" to save the change.

The next time you open Edge using the shortcut, the application will launch in InPrivate mode.


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