Amazfit does not display weather - Solution

If you want to display the current weather or the weather forecast at your location on your Amazfit, it is possible that the weather is no longer displayed or not updated at all.

If the automatic updating of weather data does not work anymore, the user has to check the following settings.


Solutions when the Amazfit no longer displays weather

Below we have three different solutions to help you display the current weather and the forecast again.

Solution 1: The MiFit app must run constantly in the background

To do this, you have to check on your smartphone whether a battery optimization is activated for the use of the MiFit app in the background. This function may cause that the weather is not updated anymore because the MiFit app cannot use background data.

An aggressive energy-saving mode on the connected smartphone can also be responsible for your Amazfit no longer displaying the current weather. In this case you should deactivate the energy saving mode as a test.

Solution 2. release MiFit authorization for the location

This solution does not work for iPhones, only for Android devices.

On the connected smartphone with Android system you can set individual permissions for each app. Here you have to give the MiFit app the permission to access the location.

Solution 3. GPS must be permanently activated

If the first two solutions did not help yet, please check on your smartphone if the location detection is activated. To do so, drag the status bar with two fingers down into the display and then check if the button "active" is in "Location".

If not, activate the option.

These three options will cause your Amazfit Fitness Bracelet or Smartwatch to synchronize with the current weather again.

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