Amazon Luna Controller Which devices are supported?

Amazon has announced its new gaming platform "Luna", which will enable cloud based gaming. Similar to Google Staddia, games can be loaded and played over an internet connection. Initially, the platform will contain over 70 games.


Amazon has announced high-performance controllers for Luna. This controller is similar to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller and the Xbox One controller and will be available for order through Amazon. At the moment the controller can only be ordered by invited testers.

If you now want to know with which devices the Amazon Luna Controller can be used, then we would like to tell you the answer here:

Which devices support the Amazon Luna controller?

The Amazon Luna Controller should be able to connect to the following devices. Bluetooth is used for this purpose:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Fire TV
  • iPhone
  • iPads

This means that the Luna gaming platform can be used on all standard end devices.

If further platforms and devices are added, we will report in detail here.


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