Android Nearby Share consumes mobile data - solved

Android Nearby Share allows users to perform file and document transfers nearby. Nearby Share can make use of Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC or distributed WiFi.


Google has introduced Nearby Share on Android to make it easier than ever for Android users worldwide to share files, documents, music, videos, etc. both online and offline.

However, many users have problems with Nearby Share consuming their mobile data. Of course this is not an advantage and that's why we want to explain how to prevent Android Nearby Share from consuming mobile data.

Prevent Android Nearby Share from using mobile data

1. pull down the status bar and press and hold the Nearby Share toggle. Alternatively, open your device's Settings app and search for Nearby Share.

2 When you have successfully accessed the Nearby Share user interface, please select "Mobile Data".

3. you now see three options:

  • Mobile data
  • W-lan only
  • Without Internet

Please select "W-Lan only" here so that from now on no more mobile data is consumed via Nearby Share when you share your data.


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