Are pictures and videos stored on the Sim card? Solved!

When transferring photos and videos from a smartphone to a PC or a new device, some users ask if they are stored on the Sim card.

Especially if you are new to the topic of smartphones, this question is quite justified and we want to give you an answer to it here:


No! Pictures and videos cannot be stored on a Sim card

The Sim card is necessary to use your smartphone to make calls and surf the mobile internet. There is very little storage space on it, only for a few hundred contact entries.

In a smartphone, pictures and videos are stored either on the internal memory or on the MicroSD memory card.

The thought of being able to store pictures and videos on the Sim card is often due to the size of the data carriers. The Sim card has the same size as a memory card and can therefore easily be confused with it.

Now you know that photos and videos cannot be stored on a Sim card.


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