Automatically update Samsung Galaxy S20 apps via W-Lan only

 If you don't want to worry about whether an update for your installed apps is available from the Google Play Store on the Samsung Galaxy S20, you have certainly activated the "Automatic App Updates" function.

But now it is the case that certain apps already require very large amounts of data for an update.

 If the update is then carried out via the mobile data connection and not via the W-Lan network, your traffic volume for the mobile data network may be used up very quickly.

Therefore you should configure the automatic updates so that they are only downloaded if you are in a W-Lan network.

Where you can find the corresponding setting on the Samsung Galaxy S20 is something we would like to explain in more detail in our article.

Disable automatic updates in the Google Play Store

1.            First open the Google Play Store, which can be found either on the home screen or in the menu.

2.            Tap the symbol with the three bars in the top left corner.

3.            Select "Settings" from the side menu.

4.            Go to "Preferred download variant for apps".

5.            Select "Only via W-Lan".

If you have accepted the setting, from now on all apps that you have installed on the Samsung Galaxy S20 via the Google Play Store will be automatically updated when you are in a W-Lan network and are connected to it.

Thus, your mobile data traffic, which is provided to you by your mobile operator, is not consumed by app updates of the Google Play Store.


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