confirmation email cannot be resent - Solution

When you register with for the first time, you will receive a verification link to your email address to confirm that your email address is reachable.

If you did not receive the verification email, you can have it resent to you at


To do so, simply select "Resend verification e-mail" in your user account.

Here an error may occur that says that the email could not be resent and that you should try again. But this does not help, because the error appears again.

But what can you do to verify your account and view travel bookings?

The following workaround will help you here:

Email confirming the account is not sent - workaround

1.            Open and log in to your account.

2.            Navigate to the account settings and scroll down to enter your email address.

3.            Now enter an alternative e-mail address.

4.            Save the change of e-mail address in your account.

5.            Navigates again to the link to send the verification email for the account.

This time the email should arrive in your mailbox and you should be able to select the link to verify your account.

We hope that this little workaround helped you to confirm your account via email.

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