boottel.dat file in Windows 10 - Meaning?

 Under Windows 10 you may find a file named "boottel.dat". The file itself is very small and has only a few kilobytes of memory.


The owner of the file is the administrator and all users of a computer have access to it.

If you can also see this file under C:\\, then you will certainly ask yourself what Windows 10 uses this file for, or whether it is harmful.

In the following we will explain the boottel.dat file.

When is the boottel.dat created under Windows 10?

If Windows detects a problem during the boot process, this is usually due to faulty files or system partitions. Usually Windows will automatically start a repair program during the boot process.

This file system check checks the hard disk, especially the Windows startup files for corrupt files. As a result of this check a file is stored in the Windows root directory. The boottel.dat.

As a user, however, you can't do much with this file, since it is binary in nature.

Can I delete the boottel.dat without hesitation?

Tests have shown that renaming or deleting the boottel.dat is no problem and can be done easily. If you are unsure whether Windows has problems with this, you can simply rename the file in the first step and then delete it completely from the root directory in the second step.

You now know what the boottel.dat file is under Windows 10, why it is created and if it can be deleted.


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