Can fitness wristbands be used without a smartphone or PC?

Fitness bracelets from Xiaomi, Fitbit, Oppo, Samsung, Garmin etc. are enjoying growing popularity. No wonder, because with these small technical gadgets it is possible to collect a variety of fitness data, like steps, heart rate, sleep phases etc.


It is also possible to display current notifications from WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail, etc.  The question that now arises in connection with such a fitness tracker is

Can a fitness tracker be used without a smartphone or PC?

The answer is yes, but with limitations. You will find an explanation below:

Basically, such a device can be used without a smartphone or PC, but the functions are then very limited.

This is because most of the fitness data is transferred to an app on the smartphone, where a more comprehensive analysis of the data is available. It is also only possible to view a history of the fitness data via an app on the smartphone.

This is due to the low storage capacity of the fitness tracker.Is it possible to use Xiaomi, Fitbit, Oppo, Samsung, Garmin fitness trackers without a connected smartphone? Yes, it is possible, but with limitations in the analysis:

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