Can I view Instagram Livestream PC? Solution

Instagram has a cool feature on board where influencers can stream content to their followers via livestream. If you want to consider such a livestream as a follower, you will ask yourself the following question:


"Can I watch an Instagram Livestream on a PC?"

Yes this is possible, but you need a special tool in form of the Google Chrome Browser in combination with the plugin "Chrome IG Story".

In the following we describe how this can be implemented:

Watch Instagram Live Video on PC - How it's done

1.            Install the Google Chrome Browser if you have not already done so.

2.            In the Chrome Browser, select the three-point icon in the upper right corner.

3.            A context menu will open where you can now select "More Tools" and then "Extensions".

4.            Go to "More extensions" and search for: "Chrome IG Story".

5.            Select "Add".

6.            Now open the Instagram web page in the Chrome browser: https//

Just like on your smartphone, you can now see the Story Bar, where you can also watch live videos.

A cool plugin which definitely makes it easier for you to watch live stories, because you can use your computer instead of your smartphone to watch them.


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