Change the language of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - How to do it

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is available for many countries and therefore languages around the world. Accordingly, the language of the flight simulator can be adapted to the user in the settings.

If the language option in the game settings of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is not set to your native language and you cannot find the option to do so, please read our tutorial which describes the procedure in detail.


Customizing the language in Microsoft Flight Simulator - Tutorial

1. open the flight simulator on your PC

2. navigate to "Language

3. select your preferred language.

The problem with many users is that they do not understand the current language. In this case it helps to install the "Google Translate" app on the smartphone. This app can recognize text via the camera and translate it directly.

So you can navigate to the menu described above and change the language.

We hope that this simple workaround has allowed you to customize the language of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 so that it is now easy for you to understand.


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