Connect Amazon Luna Controller via Bluetooth - this is how it works

Luna is a cloud gaming service designed for instant play. This means that no hardware is needed except a controller.


The power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes it possible for online gaming to be cloud-based.

Players can play the offered Luna games on their favorite devices without lengthy downloads or updates. Hardware consoles or similar are no longer required.

If you now have an Amazon Luna Controller in your hand and want to connect it to your device, please proceed as follows:

Connect Luna Controller to smartphone or tablet

1. download the Luna Controller App to your device

2. switch on your Luna Controller

Now press and hold the Home button for a few seconds until an orange light rotates around the button.

4. open the Luna app on your smartphone, activate Bluetooth and then use the wizard to set up the controller

5. the controller is now connected to your device.

Then you can start playing games right away.

You now know the procedure to connect the Luna Controller to a device via Bluetooth.


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