Connect PlayStation 4 headphones to the controller


The PlayStation 4 controller gives you the ability to connect a headset. So you can listen to the game sound directly through the headphones, which is useful because you can play inside the apartment without disturbing a roommate or partner.


There are three different ways to connect a headset to a PlayStation 4 controller. We've introduced these in detail below:

Method 1: Connecting a Bluetooth headset

If you want to connect a Bluetooth headset, the following steps must be carried out:

1. start the PlayStation 4

2. open the settings.

3. navigate to "Devices" and further to "Bluetooth Devices".

4. the PS4 will now search for new devices in the area.

Select the Bluetooth headset and follow the pairing instructions.

Bluetooth and Playstation 4 is one such thing. Unfortunately, most headsets do not work optimally and a connection between the controller and the headset cannot be established. That's why a USB receiver for the gaming headset is usually supplied with the device, which you connect to the PlayStation.

Method 2: Connect headset via 3.5 mm jack

Simply connect the headset's 3.5 millimeter cable to the headphone jack on the PS4 controller. This is located in the middle of the front panel. Then use the following instructions:

Press and hold the PS button on the controller.

2. a menu appears.

3. go to Sound/Screen. In this menu you can adjust the sound settings.

Alternative method 3: Connect headset via base station

In many cases a PS4 gaming headset is supplied with a base station that can be connected to the PS4.

Connect the base station to the Playstation 4 via USB for power and the optical cable for sound transmission In order for the headset to work properly, you must now make the following settings:

Go to the PS4 settings.

Navigate to "Sound and Screen" and then to the sound settings.

Select "Output Device" and change it to "Digital Output (Optical)".

You now know three different methods to connect a gaming headset to the PS4.


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