Connect the Samsung Galaxy S20 QUICKLY to your PC - USB


To make a backup of your data such as pictures, videos, documents etc., you need to connect the Samsung Galaxy S20 to your computer. To do this, use the included USB cable.


If you now have connected the USB cable to the computer, you may not have access to the internal memory and the MicroSD memory card of the smartphone.

The following instructions show you how to quickly establish a connection so that you can easily transfer data such as images etc:

Quickly connect to your computer and the Samsung Galaxy S20

1. connect the smartphone to the PC using the USB cable provided

2. unlock the S20 if it is secured by pin, password, pattern, fingerprint etc.

Drag the status bar from the top of the display and select "Android system".

4. go to "More USB Options".

Select "Transfer files".

Your Samsung Galaxy S20 should now be visible within the Windows file explorer and you should be able to access the data on the phone. You can now copy them to create a backup.

I still do not receive a connection?

If this tip did not help, you now have to activate USB debugging. To do so, please use the following steps:

  • Enable USB debugging on the Samsung Galaxy S20

Afterwards, please restart the smartphone and then carry out the above steps again.

We hope that this guide will help you to quickly establish a connection between the Samsung Galaxy S20 and your Windows computer.

In this video tutorial you will find the steps to display the smartphone as a removable disk on your PC:


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