Disable Google Safe Browsing - Chrome, Firefox, Edge

 Many browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge have the "Google Safe Browsing" feature enabled, which prevents you from being directed to harmful websites. Google's blacklist service contains lists of web page URLs that potentially contain malware or phishing content.


With activated Google Safe Browsing you are safe from these sites, as long as they are included in the blacklist.

But if you want to visit such a page, you have to deactivate Google Safe Browsing. For this reason, we have written instructions for the three browsers Chrome, Firefox and Edge on how to proceed exactly:

Disable Google Safe Browsing in CHROME Browser

1.            Open the Chrome Browser and select the three-point symbol in the upper right corner.

2.            Navigates to "Settings

3.            Selects "Privacy & Security".

4.            Navigate to "More" there

5.            Disables the slider at "Protect me and my device from malicious websites

This means that Safe Browsing is inactive in the Chrome Browser. Overall, it is not recommended to leave this function inactive for a long time. To enable it again, you just have to go back to the menu and set the slider to "active".

Disable Google Safe Browsing in the FIREFOX Browser

1.            Opens the Mozilla Firefox browser.

2.            Selects the three-bar symbol in the upper right corner and then "Settings".

3.            Now go left to "Privacy & Security".

4.            Then scroll down to the bottom right to "Security".

5.            Removes the check mark for "Block dangerous and fraudulent content".

Again, this setting should only be made if you know that there is no danger from one side.

Disable Google Safe Browsing (SmartScreen) in EDGE Browser

The Edge Browser does not have this function integrated. It is controlled by the Windows Defender, which is fed by a blacklist from Microsoft. This is called "Smart Screen".

SmartScreen can be disabled as follows.

1.            Type "Defender" in the Windows search bar in the lower left corner.

2.            Select "Windows Defender Settings".

3.            Open the "Windows Defender Security Center

4.            Go to "App and browser control".

5.            For "SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge", set the check mark to "Disabled".

Now you know how to disable Google Safe Browsing on Chrome, Firefox and Edge.


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