Disable Samsung Galaxy A51 firmware & app updates

 The Samsung Galaxy A51 receives automatic updates and updates of individual software from time to time. These include firmware updates or app. updates via the Google Play Store.

 If you do not want your Samsung Galaxy A51 to automatically update the existing software, it makes sense to disable the auto update function of the individual software components.

Disable automatic firmware updates

The regular search and installation of new Android firmware can be disabled in the settings.  To do this, navigate as follows:

1.            Open the settings.

2.            Go to "Software Update".

3.            Deactivate "Load automatically via W-Lan".

Now you have to search for firmware updates on your own. An automatic download will no longer take place at any time. In the next step we want to switch off the app updates.

Disable Google Play Store App Updates

The Google Play Store automatically updates the apps installed on your Samsung Galaxy A51 at regular intervals. To turn them off, follow these steps:

1.            Open the "Google Play Store" app.

2.            Select the three-bar symbol in the upper left corner.

3.            Now go to "Settings".

4.            Open "Automatic App Updates".

5.            Select "Do not update apps automatically".

This will now cause applications to stop updating automatically. Please keep in mind that you now have to update each app manually if you want to benefit from the latest version.


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