Disable Tinder read receipts - How to do it

 You can enable read receipts for matches in Tinder, so you can see if a potential partner has read your messages. Similar to WhatsApp, you will see a small check mark below the message.


But if you don't want a match partner to see that you have read a message, you can easily disable this feature in the Tinder settings. This works as follows:

Disable read receipts in Tinder

1. open the App Tinder on your smartphone

2. navigate to the male in the upper left corner to open her profile

3. Select "Settings".

4. scroll down to "Manage read receipts" and select the entry

5. deactivate the option "Send read receipts" - done!

If a contact writes to you and they have purchased the "Read receipt" option, they will still not receive one because you have successfully disabled it for your account.


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