Display Anker Soundcore battery in percent - Solution

 The Anker Soundcore speakers offer you a lot of sound for a very good price/performance ratio. The loudspeakers are equipped with rechargeable batteries, which can last for several hours or days.


Accordingly, you might want to know how much battery power is left in your Anker Soundcore.  Since the models do not have a battery gauge, this is not so easy, but fortunately it is possible.

All models, be it the Soundcore, Soundcore 2, Boost, Motion+ etc. are controlled via Bluetooth from a connected smartphone. It is also possible to read out the battery capacity in percent. How this works, we explain to you here:

Anker Soundcore - Display remaining battery charge in percent

1.            Connect your Anker Soundcore to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

2.            Open Settings and then Connections.

3.            Then go to "Bluetooth".

4.            At "Paired Devices" you will now see "Anker Soundcore" and below it the battery charge in percent.

Now you know how to check whether the Anker Soundcore needs to be recharged, or whether the remaining battery charge is still sufficient for sufficient music enjoyment.


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