Edit Samsung Galaxy A51 call forwarding

A call detour forwards an incoming call on the Samsung Galaxy A51 to a pre-defined phone number either directly or after a certain period of time. Such call forwarding can be set by each user.


If you would like to set up call forwarding on the Samsung Galaxy A51 or delete an existing one, the following instructions will be happy to help you:

Samsung Galaxy A51 Setting up a new call forwarding

A new call detour is created in the following steps:

1.            Open the phone app.

2.            Select the three-point symbol in the upper right corner.

3.            Continue by clicking on "Settings".

4.            Now navigate to "Additional services" and then to "Call forwarding".

5.            Select "Voice Call".

6.            Select a condition to apply to call forwarding. For example: "Always Forward".

7.            Now enter a phone number to which the call should be forwarded.

8.            Click "Activate" to forward the call forwarding to the phone number just entered.

This allows you to configure call forwarding for various conditions. are possible:

  • Always forward
  • Forward if busy
  • Forward if no reply
  • Forward if not available

Samsung Galaxy A51 Deleting an existing call detour

You can also delete an existing call detour. This is very simple as follows:

Navigate to the Call Forwarding submenu as described above and then select a call forwarding where a number is stored. Here you can now select a "Disable" button - the call forwarding will be disabled.

If you want to delete all call detour, the easiest way is to enter the following code via the phone app and confirm with the green handset button

  • ##002#

So now you know how to set up call forwarding or delete some or all of the calls on the Samsung Galaxy A51.


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