Enable Samsung Galaxy S20 Master Sync - Help

 It can happen that you get a message on the display of the Samsung Galaxy S20 that your master synchronization is disabled. You are probably wondering what this means.


In this article we will explain what Master Sync is and how you can reactivate it.

With Master Synchronization, you can enable or disable the complete synchronization of all accounts with a quick start button.

In your case the Master Synchronization has been disabled. This means that, for example, the e-mail account, Google account, WhatsApp account, etc. are no longer synchronized. This is of course mostly impractical, which is why it makes sense to activate the Master Sync Switch on the Samsung Galaxy S20.

This is done as follows:

Activate Master Synchronization on the Samsung Galaxy S20

1. drag the status bar from the top of the screen

2. tap on "Edit" in the top right-hand corner.

3. this will now show you all the quick start icons of your Samsung Galaxy S20

4. you will find a quick start icon with "Sync". This icon is most likely not blue illuminated but dark. This means that master synchronization is disabled on the Samsung Galaxy S20.

5. to switch it on again, simply tap the icon.

It will then glow blue again.

You now know what Master Synchronization is and how to reactivate it when it is turned off.


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