Enable Samsung keyboard spell check - words underlined in red


If you are using a Samsung smartphone, then it is automatically preinstalled with the company's own "Samsung keyboard". This keyboard offers you all the necessary functions, such as the dictionary, a swype function and much more.


A spell checker is also on board, which will directly underline misspelled words in red and also offers a correction suggestion. If you want to make use of this feature, we have written a suitable guide for you here, which shows you how to activate the spell checker.

Enable spell check for Samsung keyboard - Solution

1.            Open the settings on your Samsung smartphone.

2.            Navigate to "General Administration" and then to "Language and Input".

3.            From here, please select "On-screen keyboard" and then "Samsung keyboard".

4.            Select "Intelligent typing" and then "Automatic spell checking".

5.            Activate the slider at "English" - this activates the spelling correction.

If you now misspell a word, it will be underlined in red and you can tap it to get suggestions for improvement.

You have now successfully activated spell checking for your Samsung keyboard and your written text may contain far fewer spelling mistakes.


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