Enter house phone plus sign for area code - Resolved

 If you want to call a phone number outside of Germany with the house phone, then this number is very often given in the following format: +43 for example for Austria.

Now it is possible that there is no + symbol to press on the keyboard of your in-house telephone, for example a Gigaset.


If this is the case, you must now use an alternative method to call the phone number abroad.

Enter plus sign for area code on the house telephone

The plus sign stands for "00". This means that in our example above +43 is the same as 0043, so just replace the plus symbol with the two zeros.

Depending on the house phone you can try to enter the plus sign as follows:

Note: This usually only works when creating a contact in the house phone's phonebook:

  • Press the star key left of the zero twice.

The plus sign comes from the mobile radio range and therefore many house telephones do not have a plus sign on the number keyboard integrated.

With the 00 variant from above, however, you should be able to make a call abroad quickly and easily with your home phone.


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