Error: Unknown USB device (error when requesting a device description)

 When you connect a USB device, such as a USB stick, external hard drive, etc. to the PC, you may see the following message on the display under Windows

" Error: Unknown USB device (error when requesting a device description)""


Usually the device cannot be used then and therefore it is not possible to transfer files from or to a USB stick. In most cases this error can be fixed relatively quickly.

In the following we would like to tell you what the solution of this bug is.

Device Manager - Remove USB device

Enter "Device Manager" in the lower left of the Windows search and select the appropriate entry.

Navigate to "USB devices". You will now find a device with a small yellow triangle with "Warning".

3. remove now the drivers by selecting the entry with the right mouse button and then go to "Uninstall".

4. now remove the affected USB stick or device.

5. wait a few minutes and then reconnect the USB stick to the PC (or to another USB port)

The USB stick or USB device should now be recognized without problems. Now you can transfer data without problems.


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