Excel cell connection does not work - solved

In Excel, you can connect cells together to make the layout of a sheet more attractive. You may now be able to connect certain cells or none at all on a sheet in Excel.


The field is simply grayed out and offers the user no possibility to connect two cells. If this is also the case with your Excel file, then this is usually due to the following reasons:

Cause & Solution No. 1: Sheet protection activated

If your file has a sheet protection, it is of course not possible to execute a function like "Connect and Center". Therefore, unprotect the sheet to be able to use the function in Excel.

1.            Open Excel

2.            Switch to the "Check" tab at the top

3.            Lift the sheet protector

Cause & Solution #2: Workbook released for sharing

If the workbook is shared, changes are tracked by the program. Again, connecting cells is not possible and the respective function is grayed out.

Deactivate the function for sharing so that connecting cells is possible again.

They now know that if you need sheet protection or change tracking, you will have to do without the Connect and Center function.


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