Export secret telegram chats - How to do it

Telegram has a cool feature built in, which allows you to send messages that automatically "destroy" themselves after the recipient has read them. An end-to-end encryption system is used.

The person on the receiving side can neither forward nor save the received message.


If you now want to export your secret telegram chats because you are switching to a new smartphone, this may be complicated at first. Why? Secret telegram chats cannot be exported easily.

Therefore we want to show you here different workarounds, with which you can possibly do this:

Export of telegram secret chats via the desktop version

1. start the desktop app of "Telegram

2. go to the three bar symbol in the upper left corner

3. go to the gear symbol to display the settings.

4. click on the "three lines with dots" icon to access the advanced settings.

5. select "Export Telegram Data" and select the data to be made available. Also select "Secret Chats" so that they are exported.

The chats are then saved in the installation folder of the Telegram Desktop App.

Export telegram chats with Titanium backup

1. First download the Titanium Backup app.

2. use it to create a complete backup of telegram.

3. import the backup to the new smartphone

If you have not yet worked with Titanium Backup, we have written the appropriate instructions here:

  • Data backup with "Titanium

In addition to your regular chats, you can also export the content of the secret chats with this variant.

You now know two ways to transfer secret chats in telegram to a new smartphone. We hope that one of the two also worked on your smartphone.


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