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Many users report that the Garmin Fenix 5 has a poor battery life. This is partly due to the capacity of the battery, and partly to various settings within the clock software.


If you would like to extend the battery life of the watch, it makes sense to apply the following battery tips:

Guide to improve battery life of Garmin Fenix 5

1. reduce backlight

The backlight of the screen is one of the biggest consumers of battery power. To reduce this, make the following settings on your Smartwatch:

To do this, open:

  • Settings -> System -> Backlight

Select the following setting to save battery power on your Smartwatch:

During an activity:

  • Display time-out: 15 seconds
  • Brightness: 20%.

In clock mode

  • Display time-out: 30 seconds
  • Brightness: 40%.

The brightness will have a strong influence on how much the battery is discharged. With the above settings you have a good mix between functionality and battery life.

2. select dial with low animation

To save the battery, it is advisable to use a dial that is not heavily animated. This means that you should choose a dial on which there are no constantly moving graphics such as a second hand. These types of animations reduce battery life.

Therefore, choose a dial that is more static to reduce battery consumption.

3. disable mobile notifications

By the constant Bluetooth connection between Garmin clock and Smartphone the battery life of the clock is reduced. To turn off the notifications, simply go to:

  • Settings ->Phone ->Intelligent Notifications
  • Deactivate the function.

4. disable Wifi synchronization of Garmin Fenix 5

The connection of the Garmin Fenix 5 to a W-Lan network is in many cases not always necessary. Therefore we recommend to deactivate this function in the clock settings to save battery life.

To turn off the Wifi synchronization, simply go to

  • Settings -> Wifi -> automatic upload
  • Deactivate the function with the button

5. use UltraTrac mode for longer outdoor activities

If you use your Garmin Fenix 5 for long distance activities, such as multi-day mountain tours, and you want to extend the battery life, it is advisable to use the "UltraTrac" mode for a specific activity. Navigate to this:

  • Activity -> Options -> Hiking activity -> GPS.
  • Select UltraTrac.

Please note that you must set up UltraTrac for each activity, as the settings for each sport profile on the device are individual.

We hope that our tips for improving battery life helped with the Garmin Fenix 5.


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