Find and display Samsung Galaxy S20 Easter Egg - Solved

In the Android system, which is installed on the Samsung Galaxy S20, you will find a special programming, which was integrated by the software developers. This programming is known under the term "Easter Egg".


The Easter Egg in Android has a long tradition and with every new Android version there is a new gimmick.

If you have not yet discovered the Easter Egg on your Samsung Galaxy S20, this guide will explain step by step how to find it exactly.

Open Easter Egg in Android on the Samsung Galaxy S20

  1. Open the settings.

  2. Navigate to "Phone info

  3. Go on to "Software Information

  4. Next, quickly tap "Android Version" several times

  5. You can now move the Android 10 logo on the display - this is the Easter Egg

Admittedly, the Easter Egg is not particularly great. But in the past Android versions there were already small mini-games included here, which made much more fun.

So you can be curious which Easter Egg the new Android version will bring on the Samsung Galaxy S20.

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