Find Google Maps latitude and longitude coordinates

With Google Maps users worldwide have the possibility to navigate. Be it for geocaching, vacation navigation, flight preparation and much more.


With Google Maps you can navigate perfectly and view the location of places around the world.

So it's no wonder that latitude and longitude can also be displayed as coordinates. If you haven't used this function yet, we would like to explain it to you here.

The practical thing about Google Maps is that it can be used with any device.

How can you use Google Maps to find coordinates?

The services of Google Maps can be used via the website or the application. Accordingly, we have written two guides here, one for the web version and one for the app.

Web page version of Google Maps

1. open Google Maps by going to

2. enter here the place you want to find or click with the mouse button on a place

3. when you have the desired location on your screen, right click on the location and select the option "What is here?

4. a small location box will appear at the bottom, where you will see a series of numbers under the name of the selected location. These are the longitude and latitude coordinates of your desired location.

Now all you have to do is copy them. Select the coordinates once and they will be transferred to the search bar.

Google Maps App version

Open the app on your smartphone or iPhone and you will see a search bar at the top. In the search bar, enter the location whose coordinates you want to find. If it's an unnamed location, search for a nearby location similar to the previous method and then zoom in on the unnamed location.

When you see the location you are looking for on the screen, simply tap and hold until a pin appears. Android users will immediately see the latitude and longitude of the pinned location in the search bar.

iOS and iPadOS users must tap the "Pin" box that appears once a location is pinned to the screen.

Now you know how to display the longitude and latitude in Google Maps, which are important for geocaching, for example.


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