Fitness tracker cannot be switched on - Tip


Many fitness trackers have a battery installed, which offers a very long battery life, but does not have a large capacity overall. Therefore, it is possible that if you do not use the fitness wristband often enough, it may not turn on.


This is usually due to a deeply discharged battery that no longer has sufficient voltage to ensure that the fitness bracelet will start.

The following workarounds should help you to bring the fitness tracker back to life:

reactivate and recharge deeply discharged fitness tracker

A battery that has been deeply discharged must first be excited again with voltage. This stimulation means that the fitness tracker must be hung on the charger and left there for at least 12 hours before the battery can be recharged.

It is often possible to recharge the battery after a short time, but this depends directly on how much the battery of the fitness tracker was deeply discharged.

If this method does not help and the fitness tracker still cannot be switched on or the display remains black, please use this workaround:

Place Fitness Tracker in the refrigerator

This approach is somewhat unconventional, but has brought the fitness tracker back to life for many users.

To make this trick work, put the fitness bracelet in the refrigerator for about 10 hours. Attention: The temperature must not be below 0°C. (So no freezer!)

After the 10 hours have elapsed, please remove the bracelet and then attach it to the charger. Charging should now start immediately.

We hope that you were able to bring the bracelet back to life with one of the above tips and that you were able to charge the battery normally again.


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