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Fitness trackers from Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, Fitbit etc. are enjoying growing popularity. These devices can be purchased from 25€ and offer a variety of functions to track your own fitness.


If you now use one of these trackers, for example to count your steps, this may not work properly.

So if the steps are not displayed correctly on your fitness tracker, then something is wrong with the integrated pedometer/sensor. Most of the time there is no serious problem, so we want to help you to solve the problem with the following steps:

Pedometer does not work correctly on fitness trackers - tips

Solution variant 1: Update firmware

First of all we recommend you to update the firmware of the fitness tracker. To do so, install the app compatible to your fitnesstracker on a connected smartphone and start it.

The new firmware will be uploaded during the synchronization between the app and your fitness bracelet. If this is not the case, check via the app if there is a section with "software update" etc.

Solution variant 2: Update connected fitness app

Please check if an update for your fitness app connected to your smartphone is installed. Open the Google Play Store and check under "My Apps" whether an update is available for installation. If so, please install it.

Solution variant 3: Reset to factory settings

Sometimes it can be helpful to reset the fitness tracker to factory settings. This will restore the operating system of the watch to the state it had when it was first used. Each fitness watchband has a different procedure for this. It is best to use our search to find the right instructions for your fitness watchband.

Solution variant 4: Motion sensor defective

Unfortunately also a technical defect cannot be excluded, so it makes sense to claim the warranty of the fitness tracker. To do so, please contact the seller of the product or directly the customer support of the manufacturer.

Note: Steps are only counted from step 10 onwards

With many fitness trackers, steps are only transferred to the app or displayed on the fitness tracker from step 10 onwards. This is to avoid wrong steps. However, this has the disadvantage that if you only take a few steps (under 10) per gait in the office, then unfortunately these steps are not recorded.


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