Fix Error 499 when downloading Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Some players have the problem with Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020 that they get a download error 499 when trying to update the game.

If something should go wrong with your download, we have summarized some solutions in this article to solve the problem.


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 download fix error 499

Solution 1: Check server status of MS Flightsimulator

Open "Twitter" and search for the following hashtag

  • #FlightSimulator2020

If there are any problems with the server, you can find information from users reporting about them under this hashtag. If this is the case, please wait one or two hours and then check again if the download can be completed.

Solution 2: Disable Windows Firewall protection and the antivirus program

The Windows Firewall or an antivirus program may be responsible for the update error. In this case it is helpful if you temporarily disable these security features during the download. This can then cause the download to continue without further problems.

Solution 3: Change installation location of Microsoft Flight Simulator

Sometimes there might be not enough memory available, so it makes sense to reinstall Flightsimulator in the installation directory. If possible you should choose the installation folder under drive "C".

Solution 4: Restart the network router

Please also try to restart the network router, as it can be responsible for errors and is therefore a possibility if the download error 499 is displayed.

Solution 5: Use a wired network connection instead of Wi-Fi.

If all 4 solution tips did not help, please try to download the update via the network cable instead of the W-Lan network.

We hope that one of the four tips above helped you download the software without any problems.


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