Fix HP printer driver error 1603 under Windows 10

With an HP printer, the following error message can sometimes occur under Windows when installing the driver, which makes further printing of documents no longer possible: Error 1603.

The installation error is annoying, but can usually be fixed quickly with the help of one of our workarounds so that you can use your HP printer again.


Fix HP driver error 1603 - Various tips

#Tip 1: Use latest HP driver

Also some outdated or missing drivers can cause HP Driver Error 1603. Please check the HP homepage to make sure it is the latest driver for your printer.

  • Official driver support site of HP

Download the latest driver and check if error 1603 still occurs.

#Tip 2: Perform Windows troubleshooting

Windows 10 offers so-called problem treatments to help you solve problems with your computer. This includes solving printer driver problems. The troubleshooting is started in Windows as follows:

Navigate to Start --> Settings --> Update and Security --> Troubleshooting.

Select "Printer" as the type of troubleshooting and then start the wizard that will guide you through the process.

#Tip 3: "Windows Installer service" enabled?

Navigate to the Windows search bar and enter 'services.msc' and press the Enter key. Find services (local) in the list and click on Windows Installer.

In the Windows Installer Properties dialog box, open the drop-down menu next to Startup Type and select "Automatic". Now go to Apply and then click OK.

Afterwards please try to install the printer driver again.

#Tip 4: Install the driver in compatibility mode:

Installing the driver in compatibility mode can help to solve errors and problems with the printer driver installation. For the installation process, follow the steps below:

1. go to the setup file of the driver with the right mouse button

Select Properties and switch to the Compatibility tab.

3. check the box "Run this program in compatibility mode

Try the installation again.

#Tip 5: Run Windows Update

With a current operating system it is possible that the error is automatically corrected. Check as follows to see if new updates are available:

1. navigate to Start

2. go to Settings .

3. select Update & Security

4. navigate to Windows Update and check for new updates by selecting the appropriate button.

We hope that one of the tips helped to fix the problem with the HP driver error 1603, so that you can print your documents without problems.


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