Ford RS How to use Launch Control - Tip

The current Ford RS models have all integrated a sporty function known as Launch Control.


When this Race Start Mode is activated, the car can achieve the best acceleration. This is achieved by automatically coordinating torque and rpm in relation to the grip on the road, which is dependent on the road surface and weather conditions.

If you have a Ford RS that has such a launch control built in, you probably wonder how to activate it.

This is exactly what we would like to explain to you in this article.

Preparations for the Launch Control function

First of all you need to warm up your Ford RS. This is necessary because only in this state the Launch Control can/should be activated. After about half an hour the car should be warm in any case, which means that the oil temperature has reached about 80° to 90°C.

This is reached earlier in summer and later in winter. If the necessary values for the oil temperature are displayed, you can already start:

Activate Launch Control or Race Start on Ford RS vehicles

1. To use the Launch Control, navigate to the driver assistance menu

2. Engages first gear and keeps the clutch depressed

3. Apply full throttle, the speed is automatically limited by the Launch Control

4. Release the clutch as soon as possible.

The instrument cluster uses a flashing signal to guide the driver when to engage the next gear. This is done at 5900 rpm depending on the model.

You now know how to activate Launch Control on a Ford RS to get the best acceleration.

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