Format Samsung Galaxy S20 memory card - Solution

 If you want to use the Samsung Galaxy S20 with a memory card, it is recommended that you format it under Android Marshmallow before using it for the first time.

This is the only way to ensure that the memory card uses the correct file system and that you can use it to its full extent in your new smartphone.

We explain here how to format the MicroSD memory card in the Samsung Galaxy S20:

Attention! When formatting the memory card, all data on it will be deleted!

Format MicroSD memory card with the smartphone

1. Now open the menu and then the settings from the Samsung Galaxy S20 start screen.

2. Scroll down a little to "Device maintenance" and touch the menu item.

3. go on to "Memory

In this sub-menu you will now see the "Advanced" option. Select it and then tap on "SD Card". Here you will find the menu button to format the SD card with the Samsung Galaxy S20

Start the formatting by tapping the button of the same name and confirm the note.

Then your memory card was formatted with the appropriate file system for the Samsung Galaxy S20. The MicroSD card can now be used as desired.


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