Fritzbox 7490 fixed network LED flashes - Released

If you have a Fritzbox 7490 router and you have a landline phone connected to it, such as a Gigaset, you may notice a flashing LED. The flashing LED is labeled "Fixed line".

Now you want to know:


Why does the fixed line LED of the Fritzbox 7490 blink constantly?

The background is an incoming message on the mailbox of the connected landline phone. Mostly it is a Telekom connection and therefore the "voice mailbox" on which a voice message was recorded.

Flashing LED - Stop flashing

The blinking of the landline LED on the Fritzbox 7490 router can be easily stopped by checking the mailbox. To do this, proceed as follows:

Call the mailbox number 0800 3302424 from your landline phone and listen to the recorded voice message until the end. If the voice message is played, you can disconnect the call.

The blinking of the LED for "Fixed line" should now disappear.

So you know cause and solution to stop the blinking LED on the Fritzbox 7490 Router.

What does the blinking LED at "fixed line" on my Fritzbox 7490 router mean and how can the blinking be stopped. We will explain here what this flashing sign is all about. 2020-05-08 12:04:56 The threat service has been stopped - What does it mean?

In Windows, you may receive a message on the screen with the following content: The threat service has been stopped. Restart it now.

You will now ask yourself two questions about this message: What does the message "Threat service" mean and how can you restart it?

That's exactly what we want to explain here and show you with a tutorial:

Cause and meaning of the threat service

This functional unit is integrated into Windows Defender and ensures that your PC is protected against malicious software. Once you have installed antivirus software such as AVG Antivirus, Antivirus, Norton, etc., they take over the tasks of Virus & Threat Protection.

If you receive this message, the service has been stopped and there is a problem. To solve this problem, please proceed as follows:

Troubleshooting - The threat service has been stopped

Step 1: Restart Virus & Threat Protection

Under Windows, navigate to the magnifying glass icon in the lower left corner and then type "Defender" in the search bar. Then select "Windows Defender Settings".

Continue by clicking "Open Windows Defender Security Center". For viruses and threat protection, please select "Restart now".

If this does not lead to the desired result, please check now whether a Windows Update is available.

Step 2: Perform Windows Updates

By updating the relevant Windows system files, the problem can often be solved easily. Please proceed as follows:

To do this, navigate i the following submenu of the Windows system:

  • Settings --> Update and Security --> Windows Update

Now select "Check for Updates / Install Now".

The system will now check for the latest software updates, which you should then install.

Step 3: Update your antivirus software

Since the Virus & Threat Protection is directly related to the installed anti-virus software, you should always check whether a new update is available for the software. Also this can very often help to solve the problem.

We hope that one of the above tips will help your system, especially the virus & threat protection, to function properly again.


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