Gmail notifications do not work - Solutions

If you use Google's GMail mail service and the associated "Gmail" app, you may not be notified about new incoming e-mails. This problem occurs sporadically on Android smartphones of all manufacturers and is due to various settings of the Android system.


For example, most of these problems are caused by incorrect notification settings or other system settings that try to block Gmail notifications on your Android smartphone.

In the following we want to give you some tips to help you to solve the problem with the notifications of the Gmail App.

Solve problem with non-functional Gmail notifications

Notifications Check Gmail settings

It is quite possible that you have accidentally deactivated the notification for GMail and accordingly the receipt of new e-mails. So all you need to do is to turn the notification back on in Android.

1.            Open Settings and then Apps.

2.            Search for the GMail app and open the app information.

3.            Select "Notifications".

4.            Select "Show notifications" and check whether the checkbox for "E-Mail" is active.

If this did not help, please continue as follows.

Disable Adaptive Energy Saving

This feature is activated by many users to extend the battery life of the Android smartphone. Unfortunately, this partly causes the GMail notifications to not work properly anymore.

Therefore please deactivate the option testweise:

1.            Open the settings of your smartphone

2.            Select Device Maintenance and then Battery

3.            Open "Energy Mode" and deactivate "Adaptive Energy Saving

Disable Data Saving

If the "Data Saving" mode is activated for them, you should deactivate it, otherwise the problems with the GMail notifications may persist. This is done as follows:

1.            Open "Settings" and then "Connections".

2.            Select "Data usage".

3.            Deactivate the "data saving" by moving the slider

Enable automatic time and date

If the problem occurs only on vacation or on trips where the timezone is different from the previous timezone, then you must choose this solution.

Activate the automatic time and date display by navigating to the following Android submenu.

1.            Open the settings

2.            Select "General Administration" and then "Date and Time

3.            Activate "Set date and time automatically" here

If this option was turned off, you may not have received a notification.

Enable Gmail account synchronization

Automatic and regular synchronization is necessary to ensure that you receive all notifications on time. Check the setting as follows:

1.            Open "Settings" and then "Account".

2.            Search for your GMail account and open it to get the individual sync settings.

3.            Check whether the check mark for GMail is set to "active

Clear GMail App Cache

An outdated cache can cause problems. These are the steps below to empty the cache of your Gmail application.

1.            Open Settings and then Apps.

2.            Search for the GMail app and open the app information.

3.            Select "Memory".

4.            Select "Empty Cache".

Then restart the smartphone once and check now whether you receive notifications again.

If none of these methods work for you, we recommend that you uninstall and reinstall the Gmail application. This troubleshooting may also cause the system to run smoothly again afterwards.


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