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 There are situations when you have pressed the "Send" button in Gmail but have forgotten an important information or attachment. In this case, the desire to quickly call back to the e-mail comes up.


But is that possible with Gmail? The answer is "yes" but you have to adjust some settings. The following instructions show how to activate a send delay for e-mails on desktop computers and smartphones:

Activate e-mail delay - Undo sending

1. open Gmail in your web browser

2. select the gear symbol in the upper right corner

3. go to "Show all settings" and on the "General" tab of Gmail settings you will see the following option:

  • "Undo sending"

4. set the marker here to 30 seconds to activate the maximum time for retrieving an email after you have selected the Send button.

5. save the changes so that they take effect immediately.

The notice period you choose will be applied to your Google Account as a whole, which means it will apply to email you send on the web in Gmail as well as email you use in the Gmail application on iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones.

Retrieve e-mail within the 30 seconds window - in the browser

After tapping the Send button, the 30 second period set above will begin. Now a pop-up window with "Sent message" appears in the lower left corner. Embedded in it is a button with "Undo". Select the button to retrieve the email and not send it.

After 30 seconds the "Undo" button disappears and the email is sent to the recipient's mail server, where it cannot be retrieved.

Recall e-mail in the GMail app on iPhone or Android smartphone

The GMail app also offers a pop-up window with the "Undo button", which allows you to undo a message once within the 30 seconds window. The only difference is that the undo button is displayed on the lower right side.

With browser and GMail app variants, the user is redirected to the editor mode after tapping the undo button. You can then make changes to your e-mail, save it as a draft or delete it completely.


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