Hide a gallery of photos on the iPhone - Here's how it works

Very often you have photos stored on your iPhone, which should not necessarily be immediately visible to everyone. The photos, which are usually very personal or contain sensitive data should therefore be hidden so that they are not visible.


But how does this work with an iPhone? In this tutorial we would like to explain how you can hide photos. The minimum requirement is iOS version 14.

Step 1: Hide photo album

Hiding photos moves them to the "Hidden" album.

1. open the photo app.

2. select the photo or video you want to hide

3. go to the part-key and then to "Hide".

4. confirm the operation.

Do it this way with all the photos you want to hide on your iPhone.

Step 2: Hide hidden photos on the iPhone

1. open the settings on your iPhone

Scroll down to the Photos section and select the entry.

3. deactivate the "Hidden Album" check box

This means that the hidden albums under the Albums section are not displayed.


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