Hide HUD in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - How to do it

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is one of the best simulator games released in recent times. So everybody can get a little bit of pilot feeling or train approaches to famous airports of the world.


If you switch to the exterior view of Flightsimulator, you will see various HUD elements on the display. These may disturb you, especially if you want to take a nice screenshot.

Therefore we would like to show you how to remove the HUD elements in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Disable HUD in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - Change camera mode

We will now show you how to remove the HUD to get perfect screenshots in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

  • Pressing the Insert key on your keyboard will immediately activate the drone camera that follows your aircraft.

This gives you a 360° view of your aircraft from outside. Furthermore, all HUD elements are hidden in this camera mode.

We hope that this tip will help you to quickly remove the HUD elements of the Flight Simulator from your screen and take a perfect screenshot.


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