How do I check if my Apple Watch still has warranty?

Every electronic product has a warranty assigned by the manufacturer. This is limited in time and usually expires after 2 years, sometimes even earlier.


The Apple Watch is no exception.  The warranty is covered by Apple with " Applecare" and "Applecare+". If your Apple watch is under one of these warranty services, you are entitled to free service.

How do I check how long the warranty of my Apple Watch is still valid?

There are two ways to check the remaining warranty period. You can either check it directly from your iPhone using the Apple Store App, or you can go to Apple's website from any device with any web browser and get the appropriate information.

Get Apple Watch warranty through the Apple Support App

The Apple Support App gives you all the information you need about your watch. It tracks this information using the user's Apple ID, which is connected to each Apple device. This is also where the warranty information is stored.

If you do not have the Apple Support App installed on your connected iPhone, you can download it from the iTunes Store.

  • Apple Support App

Then open the app and then the Discover screen. Then navigate to the account icon you see above. In the menu you will now find the option "Check Coverage". Tap on it and you will see a list of all products associated with this Apple ID. Here you will also find your Apple-Watch.

Select the watch in question and you will see all the information about the warranty, including the expiration time or the remaining warranty period.

Check the warranty via web browser

For this process you need to know the serial number of your Apple watch. You can find it by opening the Apple Watch App on your iPhone and navigating to "General --> About". Here you can see the serial number of your Apple Watch.

Open a web browser on any device of your choice and then go to the website:

  • Check Coverage

Here you will see a dialog box asking for a serial number.  Enter the SN of your Apple Watch. You will then be shown how long the warranty is still valid.

Now you know how to quickly and conveniently check how long the Apple Watch warranty is still valid.


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