How to disable the Samsung Galaxy S20 Bixby completely - Instructions

 The Bixby Assistant has been on board for several Galaxy generations and is designed to help the user to operate the smartphone by voice. On the Samsung Galaxy S20, Bixby is also pre-installed and the Bixby button is integrated.


Now, however, many users simply don't want to use Bixby because they prefer to use the Google wizard or simply want to operate the phone without a digital AI helper. Here one wants to know now:

How can Bixby be disabled on the Samsung Galaxy S20?

Officially, there is no quick way to disable Bixby, but there are a number of methods that do not open Bixby.

The following describes how to disable Bixby almost completely on the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Disable Bixby Home

1.            Press and hold a long time on the home screen to select a free space.

2.            The start screen becomes smaller and you see three small home screens.

3.            Scroll all the way to the left until you can see the Bixby-Home screen.

4.            Use the slider in the upper right corner to deactivate the function.

The bixby home screen should turn gray, indicating that the feature has been successfully disabled.

Disable Bixby Hardware button

In this step we take care of the hardware button on the side of the smartphone.

1.            Open the Android settings.

2.            Select "Advanced Features".

3.            Select "Bixby Key

4.            Select "Use Press twice".

When this setting is selected, you must press the bixby hardware button twice to start the AI Wizard. This should prevent you from activating it if you don't want to. Of course, this will not completely disable Bixby, but you rarely press the button twice in a row by mistake.

Assign another function to the Bixby Button

Samsung also allows Samsung Galaxy S20 owners to reassign the Bixby key in the same menu so that they can use it to launch other applications, with the exception of voice-based helpers like Google Assistant.

Just select an app or a quick command at "Use double press".

Switch off Bixby routines

Almost all bixby functions on your Samsung Galaxy S20 have now been disabled. The last step is to check if the bixby routines are active, which monitor the usage of the smartphone and execute contextual functions in certain situations.

1.            To do this, open the settings again.

2.            Tap on "Advanced Functions".

3.            Switch off the "Bixby routines".

Now you have adjusted or disabled the most important routines on the Samsung Galaxy S20, so that Bixby no longer plays a major role on the smartphone. We hope that this has made it easier for you to use your Samsung Galaxy S20 without a voice assistant.


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