How to find out IMEI on the Samsung Galaxy A90, A70, A50, A30

Each mobile phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy A90, A70, A50, A30, A20 or A10, has its own integrated IMEI number. The abbreviation IMEI stands for "International Mobile Station Equipment Identity" and is a unique number with which each smartphone can be uniquely identified.


The IMEI number is used by GSM networks, among other things, to check whether the devices are legitimate, i.e. whether the smartphone dialed in has been stolen, for example, or is on a black list.

If you want to find out the IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy A model, there are several methods to find out and display it.

What do I need the IMEI number for?

With the IMEI number the following information is possible:

- Check whether the device is on a black list, for example because it was stolen.

- Find out via the IMEI for which network it is locked - Net-Lock.

- Find out the model of your phone, for example for manufacturer actions.

Find out the IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy A90, A70, A50, A30 - Here's how it works

The IMEI number of each smartphone is 15 digits long and can be found out by using the following three variants:

Variant 1: Show IMEI via service code

1. Open the phone app.

2. Enter the following code using the numeric keypad:

  • *#06#

3. Go to the call icon

You will now see on the screen what your IMEI number is exactly.

Variant 2: IMEI number on packaging

Another way to find out the IMEI number of your smartphone is to search for the OVP, i.e. the original packaging. Here you will find an IMEI sticker on the packaging that matches your smartphone.

Variant 3: IMEI via Android system

1. Open the settings on your smartphone

2. Navigate further to "Phone info".

3. You will now see your IMEI number(s)

Now you know several ways to view the IMEI on a Samsung Galaxy A90, A70, A50, A30.

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