How to set Google Chrome as default browser on iPhone and iPad.

The iOS 14 system update introduced the option to set Google Chrome as the default browser on an iPhone. This is special because Apple and iOS keep third-party apps and services out of your system.


By default, the iPhone uses the Safari browser, as data protection is a priority on Apple devices. But if you want to use Chrome, you can use the following instructions to set this setting on your device.

Set Google Chrome as default browser for iOS 14 and later


At least iOS 14 must be installed on your iPhone. In addition, the current version of Google Chrome App is required. Install the latest Google Chrome App from the official Apple App Store. If the requirements are met, you can now start setting up Google Chrome as your default browser.

How to use Chrome as your default web browser

1. open the settings on the iPhone

2. scroll down to Google Chrome and open the entry

3. select Standard Browser Application.

4. it now displays Safari and Chrome in the list of available browsers on the iPhone or iPad. Select "Chrome" here.

Now you have set the Google Chrome Browser as the default web browser on your iPhone or iPad. If you now select a link, for example in an email, it will be opened with Chrome instead of Safari.


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